Hiddenbak is a project impulsed by Computational Logistic Center (http://www.centrologic.com) and will become public in the next few weeks. The purpose of Hiddenbak is to offer a new hardware that can be stolen without any risk that the data inside the disks could be accessed. It is a backup system with the next extra features:

  • Backup system
  • Hiddenbak devices can synchronize automagically with other Hiddenbak devices
  • Shared files over the network under user/password restrictions
  • Manage all your USB 2.0 disks in one physical place
  • Don't worry to get stolen, your disks are proteted
  • Even if the stealer take the Hiddenbak device, there is no way it can start it up
  • All the system just in your hand, the size of a credit card

If you want to know more about Hiddenbak, contact with us at info@centrologic.com